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Active Development

Active development files in Grey County.

Table of contents
The Blue Mountains
Title File Number
138 Kandahar Lane 42T-2021-07
24 Alfred Street Plan of Subdivision 42T-2022-01
Abbotts 42T-2019-02
Alta Phase II / Tabera File Numbers Not Assigned
Aquavil Subdivision (Former Craigleith Village) - Redline Revision 42T-2012-03
Blue Meadows Plan of Subdivision 42T-2022-02
Blue Vista 42T-2019-01
Boynton Court (formerly 61 Alfred Street West Subdivision) 42T-2019-03
Clarksbury Subdivision Phase 2 - Redline Revision 42T-2017-01 - Redline Revision Phase 2
Eden Oak 42T-2012-01
Eden Oak Camperdown - Revised Submission 42T-2018-06
Georgian Bay Club Enclave Plan of Vacant Land Condo 42CDM-2023-05
Home Farm Development 42T-2015-03
Long Point Road Subdivision 42T-2018-14
Lora Bay Phase 4 42T-2018-10
Lora Bay Phase 4B 42T-2022-06
Lora Greens 42T-2023-03
Monterra Phase 2 Redline Revisions 42T-89009
Parkbridge - Craigleith 42T-2016-10
Peaks Meadows Plan of Subdivision 42T-2006-06
Richpark Homes Subdivision 42T-2020-04
Ridge Estates - Redline Revision 42T-2018-13
Second Nature (Monterra South) Major Redline Revisions - The Blue Mountains 42T-94004
Thornbury Acres 42CDM-2022-11
Villages at Peaks Bay Redline Revision 42-CDM-2007-15 and 42-CDM-2013-01
Windfall Redline Revisions - Phase 6 42T-2010-03
Municipality of Meaford
Title File Number
412 Miller Street Subdivision 42T-2024-01
Eco Retreat 42-10-510-OPA-15 and 42CDM-2022-03
Hilton Head Heights 42CDM-2020-07
Loon Call Subdivision 42T-2020-06
McCullough Condominium 42CDM-2020-08
Meaford Haven 42T-2011-03
Meaford Highlands Resort 42-10-48-OPA-117
Meaford Union Centre Subdivision 42T-2021-05
Skydevco Condominium 42CDM-2021-02
Township of Georgian Bluffs
Title File Number
Balmy Beach Road Subdivision 42T-2020-05
Blue Bay Villas Redline Revision 42-CDM-2013-03
Cobble Beach - Redline Revisions 42T-2004-02
Davenport Subdivision 42T-2017-05 (Revised)
Georgian Villas Phase 3 (The Dell) 42T-2022-10
Municipality of West Grey
Title File Number
Broos Subdivision Redline Revision 42T-2020-01
Chapmans Expansion Official Plan Amendment 42-05-220-OPA-10
Khanani Subdivision 42T-2023-04 42T-2023-03, West Grey OPA 13, ZA21.2023
Roseate Subdivision 42T-2023-02 Roseate Subdivision
Township of Southgate
Title File Number
County Official Plan Amendment NB Martin Mfg Inc. 42-07-090-OPA 18
Dundalk Cemetery Lands OPA 20, LOPA 2-23, C19-23 OPA 42-07-060-OPA-20
Flato East Redline Revision 42T-2015-05
Flato North Subdivision 42T-2016-05
Glenelg - Phase 3 Plan of Subdivision 42T-2022-08
Hog's Back Gravel Pit Official Plan Amendment 42-07-090-OPA-16
OPA 6 and Flato Glenelg/Southgate Meadows Phase 2 Subdivision County OPA 6 and 42T-2020-09
Southgate Meadows Plan of Subdivision - Redline Revision 42T-2018-12 (Redline Revision)
White Rose Park 42T-2018-08
Wilder Lake Subdivision 42T-2019-04
Wilder Lake Subdivision - Redline Revision 42T-2019-04
Municipality of Grey Highlands
Title File Number
Delbrook Subdivision 42T-2022-04
Loon Call Markdale Subdivision 42T-2021-08 and 42-08-180-OPA-12
Town of Hanover
Title File Number
Saugeen Cedar Heights West 42T-2021-01

Grey County

Situated two hours north of Toronto, Grey County offers beauty you can’t get in the city.

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